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Cakes for every situations.


Birthday cakes

Cup Cakes

cream cakes


Other cakes we have


Our Cakes

We make all kind of Cakes

Take a look inside here to find your cake for your party.


We Use only real cream after our spesial resipie

Our Cream is become very populare in Thailand and also for forrigne people.

Cakes types we have.

  • Birthday Cakes
  • Wedding Cakes
  • Cake for partyes
  • Birth Cake for the newborn baby
  • Cake just for normal days
  • Motherday Cakes and cakes for other partyes and just for a nice cake time.

Job opputinety

We need alot of people in our bakery, shops and mobile shops. Do you want a job please look up in our Jobpage


we want people who want a future in our Cake company in Nong Khai Province and Udon Thani Province.

list over what kind of emploees we need:

  • Bakers in our Bakery
  • Workers in our shop in Pha Tang
  • Mobile sellers in spesial markeds
  • Your Shop in YOUR hometown.